BSI company profile

Company Profile

Bali Social Integrated is the first Blockchain project developed with the aim of optimizing the global tourism industry. We use blockchain technology's cross-chain capabilities to connect global travelers directly to the respective service providers. Bali Social Integrated houses a team of blockchain developers and crypto enthusiasts who work collectively to provide our users with a seamless travel experience.

We utilize blockchain's cost reduction abilities to remove the intermediaries and offer a unique also enjoyable customer experience with lower transactional and operational costs.


Bali Social Integrated Project Roadmap
BSI token introduction

Introduction of Token

Bali Social Integrated (BSI) token is used as a reward system in the Carbon-Free VIAJE ecosystem and is an ERC-20 standard token. Tourists can use the Bali Social integrated (BSI) token to book for tickets, accommodations, EV-mobility rentals, restaurants, and recreational activities.

Carbon-Free VIAJE develops and operates various services through eco-friendly ESG management by bringing users and suppliers into the VIAJE ecosystem through continuous service operation and ecosystem expansion. We are encouraging the expansion, use, and number of BSI users.

Summary of The Token

Bali Social Integrated (BSI) Token uses the ERC-20 standard, which is used for transactions within the Carbon-Free VIAJE's ecosystem and is the first blockchain project developed with the goal of optimizing the global tourism industry. To provide users with a seamless travel experience, Bali Social Integrated collaborates closely with a team of blockchain technology developers and crypto enthusiasts. Thus, global tourists can order for tickets, accommodations, EV-mobility rentals, restaurants, shopping, and other recreational activities directly from each service provider.

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