Viaje Ecosystem

The 'BSI Ecosystem' refers to customers and partners who use the BSI token, the VIAJE platform, and services to power the ecosystem. Bali Social Integrated will create an environment where every part of the ecosystem can move and thrive to achieve greater benefits.


Viaje Platform

Carbon-Free VIAJE, a business line by Bali Social Integrated, caters to every reward exchange need by seamlessly integrating itself with BSI tokens and fiat currencies. Users can add BSI tokens or fiat currencies (using a credit card or other options) and use them through VIAJE apps such as VIAJEPAY in all affiliated stores.

Travelers can enjoy a simplified reward system and avail of various services such as booking airlines, leisure or travel activities, hotels, renting electric motorcycles, purchasing food & drinks, shopping, etc.


Meta Concert

BSI Foundation signs an agreement with META VIAJE (LAVATA) to provide Dream Concert, the largest K-POP concert co-organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea and the Celebrity Producers Association, in the 'BSI Ecosystem' which is created by the BSI Altar Metaverse Space Metaism.

It will be introduced via metaverse (based on motion-on-touch) and aims to invite 300,000 to 1 million users every concert. By promoting the advantages of K-POP and Korea's IT technology to the world, K-POP fans in Korea and around the world are able to attend the Dream Concert together via the metaverse as if they were enjoying the view of the real concert. There is also space for real-time chat and communication with the automatic translation function.

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